Tired of your cookie cutter home?

The only way to make a house uniquely yours, is to have it custom built! There are many cost efficient and “green” options from which to choose. We have years of experience building solid, long-lasting homes. We also have some experience with innovative and “eco friendly” materials.

Peace of Mind

Take pleasure in knowing that your home will be uniquely yours, energy efficient, and built to last. UnruhBros has been in the Tucson area 25 years and we have worked on multiple areas of home construction. From simple renovation, to gutting and rebuilding to a complete custom home. We know houses inside out and upside down!

Going Green

We have worked with several types of eco-friendly materials and we continue to look for more 'green' options to make your home efficient and truly family friendly. Click on the links listed below for articles and info on eco-friendly construction ideas we are exploring.

From the ground up, you'll have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Come build the house of your dreams and Get your free estimate today!