It started with a porch, some tools, and a semester of high school wood shop in 1972. With this, Herb Unruh built a den for his family, and a foundation for his future.

In 1983, Herb set up Captain's Residential Repair and Remodel. In 1996, UnruhBros. Building & Remodeling LLC was born as his sons joined the crew, helping to restore and renovate their new home: an abandoned, condemned historic house in downtown Tucson. 

Everyone in the family has worked at some point for this truly family business and we have been blessed to serve the Tucson community for the last 30+ years!

Our humble beginnings remind us that no job is too small or unimportant.

Our strong work ethic and passion for Do-It-Yourself help us to come alongside you as you renovate your home so that you get a job well done and feeling of accomplishment.

We desire to be ecologically responsible and we are open to many options when it comes to the materials you want to use in your project.

We are innovative and strive to incorporate new technologies that make everything from first contact to final payment as smooth as possible.

We enjoy working in our community to make it a better place for all, and we look forward to working with you on your next project!


Herb Unruh
Herb Unruh
Owner, General Contractor
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Joshua Unruh
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